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NutriBloc Coming in HOT!

To Our Dear Friends of NutriBloc,

It’s been some time, but don’t think for a minute we forgot about you all! Summertime is in full swing and as you can see below, it’s been getting hot in our kitchen turned Food Lab. 

UK Happenings

Breaking Plant News! More than a quarter of Brits (28 %) identify as 'meat reducers', according to a study out today - with almost a third (32 %) of Londoners identifying as such. Of those who identified as meat reducers in the survey,  26 percent cut down on meat in a bid to reduce...

Nutribloc Key Accomplishments!

Prototypes Have Arrived!  After working with an experienced food scientist in Surrey, we officially know that the Nutribloc can be made.

First Hire We kept it in the Imperial family and found a fantastic Imperial PhD chemist Muhang, who has been developing our prototypes into the next phase! 

UK Government Pitch Nutribloc was the only student led business selected by Imperial to pitch to over 20 UK Government civil servants, who attended a one day showcase of Innovations in Food and Nutrition from Imperial Professors. 

First Focus Group Thanks to our Imperial network we had a successful focus group, on the hottest day of the year, that helped us focus towards a more functional optimization of the blocs.

Coming Soon:

Trademarks & Patents

Works in progress!

Both of these tools are uncommonly filed in the food industry, but as you can tell we are unique company with a unique product. We want all of the Intellectual Property we develop to be legally protected now and in the future.

Brand Development It’s time to get social! Nutribloc has done a soft launch of our Instagram and will begin building out our online brand presence in the coming months.


Getting feedback on the new products is next!

Thank you for your continued support and to Imperial College for supporting our vision to create a sustainable UK business inspiring a transition to a more plant-based diet. Stay tuned in the coming months for our next round of growth!  Warm regards, Yvette and Suresh

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