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Yvette Hakim, Co-Founder

NutriBloc was born out of our passion for healthy living, better eating, and fitness.  We wanted to create something that would help people become more healthy, active, and fit.  We saw an opportunity with protein - it can be used as a tool to help people move, think, and feel better.  So we started on our fun and exciting journey of creating an amazing snack as well as a community of men and women that want to lead more healthy, active, and balanced lives.  Welcome to NutriBloc!

A lifelong athlete, Yvette plays tennis, does long-distance running, cycling, and enjoys all kinds of interval training classes; the sweatier the better.  Promoting and leading a healthy balanced life is something that defines her as a person and co-founder.

Suresh Jones, Co-Founder

Suresh played various sports competitively throughout his life, however his true love for health and fitness started in 2012 when he discovered high intensity interval training (HIIT).  His favourite phrase is “Just Smash It!” and he is ready to take NutriBloc to the next level.

We both promise to put all of our heart, effort, and passion to build a snack and community that you, our customers, love.  We are counting on all of you to help make NutriBloc the best it can be and thank you for all the support.  Together we can really make the world a happier and healthier place!


-Yvette and Suresh

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